Tzia (Kea) or Kythnos island

For the first time in Greece, bike island hoping becomes a reality.
Enjoy an unforgettable experience by joining our super luxury 23 meter yacht to take you on a cruise to remember. Take your bicycle with you and explore the natural beauty of the greek islands by trekking along their paths. At the same time experience the crystal clear aegean waters by exploiting the island stops along the way for swimming and relaxation. After your ride is over enjoy a relaxing meal on the deck of our yacht and feast on the beauty of the Aegean sea, while drinking your cocktail. Go ahead. Treat yourself with an extraordinary cruise and create memories for you and your loved ones that will last a life time.
You deserve it!

Kythnos has landscapes that will stun you, colours and scents of the Aegean, stories that sweetly mix legend and myth with history, all proving that majesty is often found in simplicity!

Once you get to know Kythnos, you will realise why its name is derived from the ancient Greek verb “keftho”, which means “hide”. So much “hidden” beauty and authentic Aegean character, and just a short hop by our yacht, really close to Athens. With a long history starting in the mists of the Mesolithic period, Kythnos, modest and hospitable, unexpectedly beautiful and serene, welcomes you.

Picturesque villages boast narrow streets of cobbled stone and gardens full of flowers; chapels emerge humbly from rocky headlands and forest glades; sprawling coastline reveals a hundred bays and coves, all suitable for swimming; caves make the ideal hidey-holes for fairies and elves; and castles stand in sturdy defiance of enemy onslaught, only ever seized through the treachery of their inhabitants!

Live Kythnos bike experience!


Tzia (Kea). Just a stone’s throw from Athens, in the Cyclades, this cosmopolitan island will captivate you with its unbridled beauty

Cosmopolitan, friendly and accessible, Tzia is just an hour away from our starting point ( Porto Rafti), in eastern Attica. Those that know the island – whether as Tzia or its alternatives Kea, Gia or Zea – start their weekend sojourns at Easter, enjoying fresh fish at the tavernas in the marinas. Discover its beaches, old churches, Hellenistic towers, watermills and windmills. Trek its trails all the way to Ancient Greece with no less than four ancient cities;  Ioulis, Korissia, Poiessa and Karthaia. Mythology says that here was the first home of the nymphs and it is not hard to imagine why. Adventure seekers can explore the shipwrecks or  go off-roading over  the wild terrain.

 A wonderful island destination to bike…Live Tzia bike experience!